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Get the Entire SIDEWAYS Collection Signed and Inscribed Only Available at! 

I'm so thrilled that my Sideways New Zealand is finally out from Blackstone Publishing.  You can order it here, along with all my other books, including the original Sideways in hardcover.  These books will all be autographed and inscribed (anything goes!) by yours truly.


Sideways will celebrate its 20 Year Anniversary of the Release of the Film with a slew of events – personal appearances, book signings, screenings of the movie, and more – culminating with a grand finale Oct 20 of this year at the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma, CA.  Dubbed SIDEWAYS 20, Please keep an eye peeled here for all the exciting events surrounding this celebration of a film that has stood the test of time.  If any winery or wine association or bookstore wants to hold an event, contact us here.  It's going to be a celebratory year.  The Pinot is going to flow!

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For the first time in hardcover - the full tetralogy: SIDEWAYS, SIDEWAYS OREGON, SIDEWAYS CHILE AND SIDEWAYS NEW ZEALAND. 

Perfect gift for any SIDEWAYS fan, including yourself. Order today! Rex will write anything from "Don't go to the Dark side," and "Hit me again," to "No Fucking Merlot."

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The Perfect Gift for Any SIDEWAYS FAN

In Hardcover for the First Time

The novel that became the multiple award-winning Alexander Payne film of the same title, Rex Pickett's SIDEWAYS will soon be available in hardcover for the first time. Issued by Blackstone Publishing, you can now order a signed and personally inscribed copy of the novel from Rex. Relive the now iconic wine country adventure of Miles (Paul Giamatti in the movie) and Jack, seeing your name and "No Fucking Merlot," "Hit me with more Pinot," or any inscription you'd like. Add your favorite inscription.

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- Also by Rex Pickett-


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Praise for SIDEWAYS

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Rex and Alexander at the Santa Barbara SIDEWAYS premiere.

“I’ll never forget reading the manuscript for SIDEWAYS in a single sitting aboard an airplane.  A confessional novel, it astonished me with its honesty, humor and pathos in a setting as seductive as it gets.  Upon landing, I sprinted to a payphone to tell the right parties about the astonishing novel I’d just read – the novel that was to change my life.

— Alexander Payne, Oscar-winning Director/Co-writer of SIDEWAYS

Alexa Young, CA

Meet the Author


Winery Events

Bring SIDEWAYS to your winery, vineyards or wine shop for a Pinot Noir and wine tasting celebration! 

Rex will talk all things SIDEWAYS and share why he finds your wines so unique. Holding nothing back! 

Email: to book Rex
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Private Events

Looking to add a special guest for a party or event? Is there a SIDEWAYS lover who would love an afternoon with the man who engineered the SIDEWAYS universe? Rex would be delighted to make your event one to remember. He is also available for festivals and other themed events. 


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