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Sideways Chile Signed Hardcover

Sideways 3 Chile" finds our main protagonist Miles Raymond (Paul Giamatti in the original film) running out of money, but still surviving on the fumes of a past, but fleeting, fame.  When he is offered an opportunity by a reputable magazine to write an article about the diverse wine regions of the country of Chile he jumps at the chance.


At the end of "Vertical," Miles had fallen in love with a Spanish girl, Laura, and he asks her to fly from Spain to accompany him.


Miles, in full panic anxiety mode, which is endemic to his character, flies to Chile to meet Laura and discover this beautiful and vast country.  Complications, heartbreak, and romance ensue.


In the great and desolate Atacama Desert in the north of Chile Miles comes face to face with himself.

Sideways Chile Signed Hardcover

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