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Sideways Author Rex Pickett is Riga and Rioja Ready!

This weekend I fly to Riga, Latvia to attend the premiere of my Sideways play at the New Riga Theatre. A 250-seat theater sold out 11 performances in 48 hrs. Then, it's on to Spain to catch up with the cast of my play there. A totally different production. I'll stay on in Spain to begin my research for the next installment in the Sideways series. Yep, more books are coming, more Miles chasing wine and the perils of fame and panic attacks. Speaking of which, I just finished replying to the copy-edit of Sideways New Zealand and my publisher Blackstone Publishing will be releasing it Jan. 24, 2024 (go to to pre-order; don't order from Amazon; you won't get it autographed and I'll still be a starving artist!)/.

I'm going to be blogging my Latvia / Spain trip regularly. Replete with photos. Tons of photos. People ask, "Where's Latvia?" And I tell them: "It's east of the Baltic Sea, on a latitude with Sweden, and shares a border with Russia. My play there has been translated and adapted from my play and novel by the artistic director of the New Riga Theatre, Alvis Hermanis, an award-winning theater director who has called my play "rebellious" and in the production notes compares me to Chekhov. His words, not mine. I'm flattered, but I'm obviously not Chekhov, but if he insists, go ahead.

I look forward to sharing intimate details of my travels with all of you Sideways fans. You're going to get an inside to my writing process. I'm thinking of starting the novel here in the town of Napa at my favorite watering hole, Vintner's Collective. They're a tasting room featuring a small, brilliantly curated selection of Napa/Sonoma vintners. It's in an old stone building built in the late 1800's. If you come to Napa, definitely pay them a visit. My favorite place in the world to go wine tasting.

While I'm away, only signed copies of my novel will be available on my website. Inscriptions will be available until Thursday, October 5th.

My Am I Going Down app informs me I have a 1 in 5,971,481 chance of going down, or a 99.99999% chance of making it to Europe.

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